Round Three

You alert on an innocent
Calmly hunting acorns
Alone in the distance.
Cartoon legs run your tensed body
To the nearest tree cover
To sight-check your prize.
Oblivious to the fan of other prey
Scattering before you like streamers,
You progress like a robin
Pausing at the next tree…
And the next.
Fifteen feet to go:
Tentatively you point
And silently, stiffly
Inch forward.
canstockphoto4539329The squirrel sits up,
You freeze
As anticipation quivers down your spine.
He takes two hops oakwards;
You take two feet…
But your overheated panting
Gives you away.
His claws scrabbling up bark
Break the spell,
And you melt
Into feigned indifference.

Atlanta, 1975

After all that running, Hilary needed water.