TapJumpBall_smWhat clients and students have to say:

With Nini’s careful and expert advice, guidance and deep base of knowledge, we were able to help our newly adopted Aussie go from an assertive, shy, reticent, and unresponsive pet to a beautiful and confident forever family member…Thanks Nini!                                              —Paul Marotta and Nan Vlad

Nini has been the primary trainer for our two, energetic border collies for over a year. In our experience working in a variety of settings and with others, a private session with Nini is worth many group sessions. Nini has tremendous insight, talent, and knowledge of dogs (and owners). She consistently applies her experience and skill to develop workable, effective training sessions based on positive reinforcement. She is patient, clear, encouraging and always respectful of the dogs. Her skill and love of dogs shines through in all she does.
—Launa Zimmaro and Richard Kane

Five months after losing our beloved Bichon frise, we decided to once again take the puppy plunge. At four months and going completely head over heels for our new Shi-poo, we decided it was time for some professional help in the behavior department. Enter Nini Bloch. It took us about three minutes to sense a connection between trainer and dog. Nini is a super trainer, a true professional, and a perfectionist. Our dog is now 8 months and behaves beautifully. If you’re searching for a great trainer, you will not be disappointed with Nini. 
—Carmen Goulet

On working with reactive boxer Lacey to get her calm and confident enough to benefit from a reactive dog class:
Lacey still has her issues and we deal with it. New dogs on walks can still be a challenge.  She remembers everything you taught her.  Now she can close a cabinet door.  That’s one I added using your “touch” signal. You saved us.  You gave me hope when I thought there was none. I can not thank you enough for all you did for us.  You got Lacey to a point where we were able to attend the reactive dog class.  I don’t know what we would have done without you.  You are truly an amazing trainer. 
Report after starting the class:
Lacey is making great progress. Yesterday, day care staff said was Lacey’s first nonreactive day! On Sat I had 4 kids under my deck on roller blades and skateboards and NO REACTION AT ALL! She just looked at them. Thanks for starting us on this road.

I have had the pleasure both of taking classes from Nini as well as assisting several of her classes. She always presents herself with a calm and quiet demeanor that creates a conducive environment for training both the dog and the handler. Her knowledge and expertise of dogs and training provide a comfortable environment to learn, ask questions, and have fun with your dog!
—Laura Marden

My 11 ½ year old demand-barking Labrador, Hawke, and I  made great progress in Nini’s Control Unleashed Class. Hawke’s two biggest problems are wanting to chase any running dog—such as the dog ahead of us on an agility course, and having way too much to say. Hawke progressed to where she can now watch another dog run in front of her without getting overexcited. At a recent trial she was so quiet in her crate, that the person sitting next to us didn’t even realize there was a dog in there! Nini’s class was well organized, with meaningful homework assignments that really helped us improve.
—Barb Burri