Customized Classes

Classes for distracted, timid, or reactive dogs

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated because, for instance,

  • your teenage dog suffers from ADD
  • your dog shuts down in public places
  • your dog doesn’t like other dogs in his face
  • your dog gets the zoomies every time you let him off leash

One of the most creative and effective applications of clicker training has been Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed program. Originally designed for agility instructors who couldn’t teach agility because they had to deal first with overexcited, timid, stressed, or reactive dogs, the Control Unleashed program uses games to teach dogs to focus and control their arousal around distractions and “triggers” that tend to set them off. In a controlled setting, the series of exercises successively exposes dogs to more triggers and more chaos as they can handle it. By the end of six weeks, many dogs that started off barking at dogs across the room can walk comfortably past each other and even run up into each other’s faces. I have taught two levels of classes based on Leslie’s book at the MSPCA in Methuen and elsewhere. Please contact me if you’re interested in such a class.

Click here for information on the classes I conduct at the MSPCA in Methuen.