About Me

My interest in dog training blossomed when I got my first Australian Shepherd in 1991, tasted obedience competition, and soon found a passion for dog agility. Agility was always different, fast-paced, fun, and a great way to bond and develop teamwork with your dog. I loved the fact that it exploited dogs’ natural ability to cue into our body language. In 1993, I was a founding member of ARFF agility club (that practices in Carlisle, MA). Soon I was teaching introductory agility or offering workshops for ARFF members.

Sydney—my newest Aussie, a rescue from Kentucky—enjoys a belly rub. For the past seven years, I have been active in Aussie rescue.

Changes afoot in dog training and dog sports
I feel fortunate to have arrived on the dog-training scene during a revolution in dog training methods and an explosion in the popularity of dog sports. I attended the first seminar on positive reinforcement and clicker training that Karen Pryor held at All Dogs Gym in the mid-’90s, became fascinated by the power of clicker training, and have never looked back. For more, see My Philosophy.

Editing made me a better trainer
From 2003 to 2007, I edited books for Clean Run, and, more recently, for Karen Pryor’s Sunshine Books, working with such authors as Chris Zink, Leslie McDevitt, Susan Garrett, and Emma Parsons. That work further steeped me in clicker philosophy and sharpened my clicker skills (for more on my editing and writing career, see BlochLetters.com).

Aussie Zu looks for me as he exits the tunnel.

Continuing education
I have attended three ClickerExpos and seminars on dog behavior and rescue with Sarah Kalnajs, Susan Sternberg, Suzanne Clothier, and Pat Miller. Through the years I have taken agility workshops with Stuart Mah, Julie Daniels, Lo Baker, Ann Andrle, Linda Mecklenburg, Stacy Peardot-Goudy, and Elicia Calhoun, among others.

Besides offering private coaching and group classes, I am an instructor at the MSPCA in Methuen where I teach Basic Manners, agility,  Control Unleashed, and Wag It Games classes. For more, see Services Offered.